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Introduction to CUTEK® Extreme Wood Oil

Wood is a popular choice for many building exteriors because of its durability and sustainability, and the manufacturing process is extremely environmentally friendly. Homeowners love the beautiful look of wood exteriors and the ability to change stain colors as trends change. Despite its inherent durability, wood can warp and split when facing extreme outdoor conditions. CUTEK® wood products minimize warping, cutting and splitting to enhance the beauty of your project's exterior while maintaining its integrity. 

What is the clear coating applied to wood?

The clear coating applied to wood exteriors is often referred to as “wood coating.” Its purpose is to provide a protective barrier on decking, siding, fences, railings, outdoor furniture and log homes to prevent damage from the weather. Wood oil is a type of wood coating that is easy to apply and, with two simple coats, can keep the exterior of your project looking beautiful. CUTEK® Extreme is a high-performance wood oil that helps retain your lumber's natural wood color with added UV protection, resulting in less maintenance for the homeowner. This protective coating is the first step to ensuring the façade of your project continues to shine year after year. Perhaps the best part is that CUTEK® can be applied on lumber immediately without weathering – it’s perhaps the easiest wood oil to work with on the market today.

What can I use to paint wood with a protective coating?

When the wood on your project has a protective coating, you can mix wood oil with wood stain to achieve your desired color. Simply add the stain of your choice to the oil and paint it like you would any other exterior project. This process ensures that your wood looks great but will also be able to weather the storms that come with any climate. CUTEK® expansive offerings don’t require that you strip or sandcoat the existing finish and are designed to reduce long-term splitting, warping and cupping. Specifically, CUTEK® Colourtone blends well with the CUTEK® Extreme wood oil to achieve your desired color with all the benefits of a protective coating.

Which oil is best for wood?

CUTEK® Extreme wood oil is the recommended choice because it is versatile, long-lasting and easy to work with. This product works great for all exterior wood, even wood decks, which take a beating when harsh weather rolls in. If you decide to work with wood for the exterior of your product, CUTEK® is the brand you need to protect your hard work and minimize maintenance for any homeowner.

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