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90ML Colortone that you add to the .95 gallon of CUTEK® Extreme. One colortone needed for every gallon of CUTEK® Extreme purchased.


NOTE: As of 8/1/2022 We will no longer fulfill orders for colortones only, unless you have purchased gallon(s) of CUTEK® Extreme from us in the past.

Colortone 90ML - Must be added to .95 Gallon of CUTEK® Extreme

  • 90ML container of specially formulated Colortones (tint) . The addition of Colortone adds UV protection and will help maintain the natural wood colour character, delay silvering and retain the freshly oiled look for longer.


    Colortoned CUTEK® Extreme is a finish that enhances the natural character and beauty of wood. It is important to note that colortones are designed to instrinsify the natural color characteristics of wood. Therefore it is important to select a colortone appropriate to the natural color of the wood species being coated.


    As weathering and leaching occurs, wood treated with Colortoned CUTEK® Extreme will naturally lighten during the first threes to eight months after application. Colortone retention is greated on rusticated, or band sawn woods, and may be maximized by using Colortone in all applications of CUTEK® Extreme stabilizing oils. If colortoned CUTEK® Extreme has faded significantly over an extended period of time; first wash the wood with CUTEK® ProClean, allow it to dry, and then apply a single coat of clourtoned CUTEK® Extreme to restore it back to the original enhanced look of the protected wood.

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